Some Big News

I like to write about emotions. Anybody who reads this blog knows that and recently I've found myself in a really interesting spot. I've had the least amount of anxiety ever over the past month and it's because I've been forced into a situation that requires growth. I am currently in a completely different country... Continue Reading →



A month or two ago I wrote about those special people in our lives; the ones we love. What I didn't talk about were the people or relationships that almost happened. I didn't talk about the ones that we move on from without really thinking about it. There are a few of these people and... Continue Reading →

Juggling Work and Work

I could say that I do juggle work and play, but what I'm talking about is how I'm juggling my work at the internship and my work as a writer. I don't have time to focus solely on my own writing now, instead, I have to share it with content writing for a completely different... Continue Reading →

Fight Me

I will fight you every step of the way. I will fight you when you try to turn me away from someone else, but refuse to let me turn to you. I will fight you when you insist you care, because how could you? How could you go from caring so much to caring completely... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward pt 2.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to write about this week. I normally talk about what’s going on for me in my life, but I’m not sure you want to read about letting go again. I could write about moving forward because a big part of letting go is moving forward. I have been... Continue Reading →

Jenga Tower of Us

I wanted to reach out to you, offer you comfort through my touch. But I was afraid that the moment my fingers touched yours I'd be flooded with the memories of our skin pressed together. I was afraid that such a delicate gesture would be what forces the Jenga tower of us to topple and... Continue Reading →

I Made it to Japan

I set off on Tuesday afternoon in the hopes of arriving in Tokyo on Wednesday morning. Little did I know that the next 48 hours would really test me. There were storms all day in Sydney and when our plane finally took off I was already overly stressed about making my international connection. By some... Continue Reading →

Japan: 4 Days Away

So those of you that know me personally know that in four days I am leaving to fly over to Tokyo for an internship. I will be interning for a company called Tokyo by Food. I will be doing content management and writing for the website. I was meant to be there by now, but... Continue Reading →

Intrusive Thoughts

They come without welcome or warning and they do not leave when they are asked. Sometimes they stay for a moment or two, sometimes they make a home for themselves. Despite my protests. I am armed with a stick, but they will not be beaten and they will not retreat until they have succeeded in... Continue Reading →

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